Thyroid Cancer and Thyroid Nodule App

Clayman's Thyroid 3D App The Clayman Thyroid Nodule and Cancer Guide 3D App is a powerful app developed to educate patients (and doctors) in the analysis of their thyroid nodule(s). The app will analyze your blood laboratory information, ultrasound evaluation of the thyroid gland and lymph nodes, needle biopsy and genetic analysis results, and other thyroid cancer related issues. The app provides a 3D picture of what YOUR thyroid looks like and how your thyroid nodules are growing over time. The app provides cancer risks and the need of biopsies and even thyroid surgery based upon your own data. The app requires a thyroid ultrasound or CAT scan to work.

What are my Risks for Thyroid Cancer?

Thyroid Cancer Risk Dial

Risks for thyroid cancer are determined by a number of factors including family history and exposure to radiation. A thyroid ultrasound test will also provide information on thyroid nodules which may have a risk of thyroid cancer in them. Certain characteristics of thyroid nodules are more concerning for thyroid cancer than others. The Thyroid Nodule and Cancer Guide App explains each of these ultrasound factors and other thyroid cancer risk factors. The Clayman Thyroid Nodule and Cancer Guide 3D app will then present YOUR risk of thyroid cancer based on all of these factors. This analysis allows you to discuss these cancer risks and other risks with your doctors in a very personalized way. Click on the picture to get a full view.

What is a Thyroid Nodule?

Thyroid Nodule in 3D

Thyroid nodules are growths within the thyroid gland. Some thyroid nodules may be cancerous and some may produce too much thyroid hormone. Some thyroid nodules should have biopsies but others do not need a biopsy. Some thyroid nodules require thyroid surgery--but not all of them. The Throid 3D app will help you and your doctor interpret your thyroid gland and your history and will give you recommendations regarding YOUR need for thyroid nodule biopsy and thyroid nodule surgery. The app will give a 3D view of your thyroid gland and your biggest nodules.

Your Ultrasound and Test Information

Thyroid Ultrasound Entry Form The app is customized for you and your thyroid. The more information you provide, the more accurate the app becomes. You provide any symptoms that may be associated with thyroid nodules, family history and environmental exposure risks, and thyroid blood tests results. Your thyroid ultrasound information is entered and any biopsy results, including any genetic tests done on the biopsy. The app will show you how your thyroid compares to a normal thyroid in size and shape and shows how your thyroid changes with time. The app will give a comprehensive analysis of all of the information which you have provided and your risk of thyroid cancer.

What Should You Do? The Next Steps.

Next Steps Suggested next steps are given which should be considered based upon the information which you have provided. These next steps include the need for an endocrinologist, further ultrasound evaluations, thyroid biopsy, and thyroid surgery. The app will allow you to update your information as you get more information later. You can track the growth of your thyroid nodule and thyroid gland and see if your risks change and your need for biopsies or thyroid surgery changes. Many people get biopsies that they may not need. Others may be ignorning thyroid nodules that need to be evaluated by an endocrinologist and may need a biopsy. The Clayman Thyroid 3D app addresses each of these situations specific for you based upon your testing.

Do You Need an Endocrinologist?

Need for a Thyroid Endocrinologist Endocrinologists are doctors that specialize in hormones like diabetes and thyroid problems. Most people with a small thyroid nodule do not need to see an endocrinologist. Clayman's Thyroid 3D app will analyze your family history, your exposure to any radiation or risk factors, and any symptoms of thyroid problems you may have. Combining this information with your thyroid ultrasound results allows the app to provide you advice on the risk for needing an endocinologist to better evaluate your thyroid. There is information in the library of the app that will make your visit to the endocrinologist more productive.

Do You Need a Thyroid Biopsy?

Thyroid Biopsy Dial Thyroid biopsies are recommended for some thyroid nodules and are not necessary on some other nodules. This can be very confusing and cause lots of worry for the patient. Clayman's Thyroid 3D app analyzes all of the information you have provided and compares it to published recommendations from the major thyroid and endocrine societies and presents your risk of needing a thyroid biopsy. Some patients are sent for thyroid biopsies that may not be necessary, while others should have their nodules biopsied to determine if cancer is present. Of course you need to understand that this app is only a teaching tool and the decisions for thyroid biopsies and thyroid surgery can only be made by your doctor. Take this app with you when you talk to your doctor--it is designed to facilitate your discussions.

Do You Need Thyroid Surgery?

Thyroid Surgery Risk Thyroid surgery can be a bit scary. Unfortunately, many people with a thyroid nodule worry about thyroid surgery when they shouldn't. The makers of this app perform more thyroid surgery than any other doctor, hospital or university in America, so we know a bit about thyroid surgery. Based on the information you have entered, including information about your nodule and any worrisome characteristics of the nodule, and based upon your family history and other factors, the app compares you to recommendations from the American Thyroid Association and the Endocrine Society. It also includes the knowledge and experience of America's most experienced thyroid surgeon, Dr Gary Clayman. Once you see your risks, the app gives you advice about how to find an expert thyroid surgeon.

Personalized Advice for You

Thyroid Surgery Advice Every section of the Clayman Thyroid 3D app has information about that particular topic personalized to your specific results. If your risks for needing thyroid surgery are low, the app tells you what that means and gives typical recomendations. If your risks of needing thyroid surgery is high, it gives you that advice and advises what to ask your thyroid surgeon and how to pick an expert thyroid surgeon. When you are in the Thyroid Cancer Risk section of the app, it provides information specific to your risks of thyroid cancer.

Thyroid Cancer and Nodule Library

Thyroid Learning Library The app has information on every page and dial, and we also include an extensive video and reading library at the end. The app will provide guidance about talking to your physicians regarding the risk of thyroid cancer and the possible need for thyroid surgery and other important steps. Blood tests, ultrasounds, needle biopsies, and genetic tests can be difficult to interpret. In fact, many thyroid cancers are not diagnosed until they have undergone removal at surgery. Even more concerning, approximately 11% of patients with known thyroid cancer have persistent disease in their necks following their initial operation. This means their surgeon didn't remove all of their cancer. The most common reason for this is that their surgeon is not specialized in thyroid cancer. They may say they are, but 85% of thyroid operations are performed by surgeons who perform less than 10 per year.

Thyroid Nodules are Common

Thyroid nodules are incredibly common, especially in women. Nearly 50% of women will have a thyroid nodule by the time they reach 50 years of age. Without question, the vast majority of thyroid nodules are benign--likely in the 85-90 percent range. Thyroid cancer is however very common, now the fourth most common malignancy among women in the United States. Thyroid cancer effects women approximately 3 times more frequently than it does men. Thyroid cancer effects women most commonly during their reproductive years of their life between 25-50 years of age.

Who Made this Thyroid App?

The Thyroid 3D app was developed in partnership by Drs. Gary Clayman and James Norman. Dr. Clayman is the Founder and Surgeon in Chief of the Clayman Thyroid Center (the world’s leading center in Thyroid evaluation and surgery) and Dr. Norman, the Founder and Surgeon in Chief at the Norman Parathyroid Center, the world’s leading center in parathyroid and calcium treatment. To produce this app, we used over 5,000,000 data points from a meta-analysis of the world’s published information and world experts in endocrinology, thyroid surgery, diagnostic imaging, cytology, pathology and thyroid genetics.